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This is the second generation of our fantastic braid. We have 15 holographic colours which whit its unique, strong colour and reflection gives fantastic bodies and super strong glittery ribbings…
75 SEK
I lager: 30
The SSS braids comes in a quality which makes it perfect for all forms of bodies and ribbings. It is not too thick to overlap or to be twisted. In…
75 SEK
I lager: 30
SSS Glitz is a long fiber flash dubbing with extreme characteristics. Unlike the usual SSS dubbing that is built on translucent synthetic fibers
55 SEK
I lager: 27
We never did understand why you should dub without brushing. The ultimate qualities of dubbing are to create a body that reflects and lets through as much light as possible.
55 SEK
I lager: 32
HD stands for heavy duty. This is a heavier type of Angel Hair. The material is somewhere between common flash and the original Angel Hair quality.
59 SEK
I lager: 18
We use Angel Hair in almost all our fly creations today. In the smallest flies merely one or two strands of Angel Hair as the only flash element.
55 SEK
I lager: 18
Advanced, optimized warmth without added bulk, Simms’ Midweight OTC Sock is powered by a 75-percent merino wool blend that delivers moisture management and anti-microbial protection.
379 SEK
I lager: 2
Riktigt varma strumpor från Simms.
499 SEK
I lager: 1
Waterproof License Holder Secure storage for your fishing license with accessories to easily display for authorities.
49 SEK
I lager: 1
Foam Boat Patch The Foam Boat Patch works just like an oversized open fly box with the added bonus of a magnetic “fly catcher”.
269 SEK
I lager: 2
Stripping Guard A durable stripping guard to keep your rod hand at the ready. We all have our tricks to control our lines, and stripping is a key technique. The Simms Stripping…
199 SEK
I lager: 2
An adjustable integrated lanyard built around the medium C&F lightweight fly case. Features six metal snaps to retain tools and gadgets.
949 SEK
I lager: 1